We offer flexible finance through Klarna. So you can shop now, pay later.

What is finance?

Finance allows you to pay for your goods after you have ordered them.

When you first decide you would like to use this option you will simply be asked to sign up to a Klarna account at the checkout stage. They will then run a check and if you are approved it will then create the account for you.

If you already have a Klarna account then the total of any amount that you spend will be added on to the total of your Klarna account, aslong as this does not take you over your allowed amount.

All your payment information is process safely and securely by Klarna.

Pay in 30 days

Pay in 30 days means that you will only pay for your order 30 days after it has been shipped. If this method is accepted then Klarna will send you an email with all the payment information and instructions. They will provide you with an email with a link to view your account.

-Does this affect my credit score?

Klarna may run a soft credit check but it will not affect your credit score. It is only visible to you and Klarna on your personal account. None of our payment methods will run credit checks that will affect your credit score.